The New Deal Today

FDR had to find ways to meet the desperate need for action, which seemed to call for collective, modern methods of government and social activity, while at the same time reinforcing the capitalistic, individualistic ideals of the American Dream. Kenneth Read more

Digital History Portfolio

Digital history is an approach to researching and interpreting the past that relies on computer and communication technologies to help gather, quantify, interpret, and share historical materials and narratives. Sheila Brennan, digital historian, emphasizes four activities integral to digital history Read more

Mapping Alabama

“The Black Belt, a strip of rolling prairie land with a black sticky, calcareous clay soil, is the State’s best cotton-growing section. It crosses Alabama south of the pine country and comprises n area of 4,300 square miles. An early Read more

Text Analysis

The Federal Writers’ Project employed over 300 writers by contracting them to document life histories of individuals throughout the Great Depression. An astounding number of records from these interviews have been digitized by the Library of Congress–almost 3,000 documents total. Read more


I led the in-class discussion Thursday, February 6. The discussion question of the day was: What is the impact of migration on American life in the 1930s? There were two major themes that I felt were important to address: American Read more